Winter Haven Montessori admits students without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin and all students have access to all programs and activities. We have an Open Registration, which means any child may register at any time during the year.

After receipt of the completed Registration Form, Registration Fee, and the first Tuition Payment, the child will be enrolled in his/her age appropriate level. Parents of children who are accepted are requested to submit a history and physical from their child’s physician and their immunization records along with the other forms necessary to complete their child’s file which can be found under our Admissions Forms tab. We also ask that your child attend school on a regular basis for consistency. We understand vacations, illnesses ect. If your child is absent more than 2 days we will do a follow up call to ensure everything is alright and other documentation for illnesses such as a doctor’s clearance ect. may be required depending on the situation.

Our hours of operation are 7am-5:30pm
We ask that your child please be at school no later then 9am. (Please call if theres an issue so we can make arrangements)

Dress Code includes the following:

  • Shirts: School shirts or plain shirts in navy blue, red or white. School shirts are available for purchase at $9.00 each. 
  • Pants/Shorts: navy blue, khaki or blue Jean

The following are the Tuition Rates for the 2019-2020 school year:

All students require a $100 Registration Fee and have the option of either paying an $80 Material/Book Fee or purchasing the materials listed on our Supply List. 

Infant/Toddler Rooms: 
Monday – Friday Full day: $700 monthly

Primary Rooms: 
Monday – Friday Full day (2 year olds): $600 monthly
Monday – Friday Full day: $560 monthly
Monday – Friday Half day (8:30-11:30am): $415 monthly
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Full Day: $475 monthly
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Half Day (8:30-11:30am): $415 monthly
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Full Day: $475 monthly
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Half Day (8:30-11:30am): $415 monthly

VPK Morning Monday – Friday (8:30-11:30am): Free
VPK Afternoon Monday – Friday (12:30-3:30pm): Free
VPK with Extended Care Monday – Friday (8:30-5:30pm): $415 monthly 

Monday – Friday (8:30-2:30pm)
Yearly tuition $5800
Monthly payments accepted

1st Grade:
Monday – Friday (8:30-2:30pm)
Yearly tuition $6000
Monthly payments accepted

2nd Grade:
Monday – Friday (8:30-2:30pm)
Yearly tuition $6200
Monthly payments accepted

3rd Grade:
Monday – Friday (8:30-2:30pm)
Yearly tuition $6400
Monthly payments accepted

4th Grade: 
Monday – Friday (8:30-2:30pm)
Yearly tuition $6600
Monthly payments accepted

Winter Haven Montessori accepts subsidized care and participates in the VPK program offered by the Early Learning Coalition. We also accept State funded programs such as Step Up For Students. Visit or visit our VPK page for more information.